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This week two comedies are released: the trip of Santiago Segura and family in A full train: Asturias destination Y The wolf of Snow Hollow, a story of lycanthropy with the spirit of the eighties in which Jim Cummings repeats protagonism after Thunder Road (2018), his feature film debut, with another character burdened by marital conflicts. On the other hand, the billboard offers two dramas: The spy’s wife a thriller sober and terrible period, awarded in Venice, which exposes the dilemmas of the past in Japan, and Miss Marx, Punk guitar arms of workers’ struggle and feminism of the little daughter of Karl Marx.

Among the cinephile bets for these days is also the new Marvel film, Black Widow, where Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh prove that dysfunctional superheroes are a reef.

Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh, in 'Black Widow'.

BLACK WIDOW. Cate Shortland.

Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow member of The Avengers, pursues her identity and past traumas with her little sister.

Image of 'The spy's wife'.

THE SPY’S WOMAN. Kiyoshi Kurosawa

A married couple lives in Kobe, where they live a comfortable and happy life. Until that harmony begins to squeak because under that perfection hides an atrocity that will jeopardize the loyalty of the couple, faced with a series of horrific events.

Jim Cummings, right, in 'The Wolf of Snow Hollow'.


Terror takes hold of a town because corpses are discovered after the full moon. After losing his teenage daughter, unable to sleep and in the care of her ailing father, Marshall, a loser burdened by marital and family conflicts, explores whether werewolves really exist.

Image of 'A todo tren: Asturias destination'.


A father and a grandfather miss a train with their children and grandchildren. The children, found unaccompanied in the sleeping car, begin to get into mischief.

Romola Garai, en 'Miss Marx'.

MISS MARX. Susanna Nicchiarelli.

Biography of Eleanor, daughter of Karl Marx, and of the thinker and writer Johanna Bertha Julie von Westphalen, political activist, defender of workers’ and women’s rights.

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