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Santiago Segura has taken a liking to the role of father and although his character in A full train: Asturias destination moves away from the two deliveries of Father there is only one, the film takes advantage of the popular pull of an oiled format. Version of a French comedy from this same year, Be careful at the start!, the new family film from the creator of Torrente is the agile and funny story about a model father, perfectionist and, therefore, in a permanent state of overwhelm (Segura), a cañí grandfather-brother-in-law, already outcast (Leo Harlem) and six children under her care heading to a camp in northern Spain. A full train: Asturias destination works as a double road movie, the one of the father and the grandfather behind the train they have missed and the one of the unaccompanied children in the sleeper of a train ready for mischief. A journey full of secondary characters and cameos (Joaquín Reyes, Cristina Pedroche, David Guapo) that circulates at a good pace thanks to a script capable of gently mixing gags on inclusive language, animalism and armed robberies, with nods to the children’s classic Home alone and the foreseeable shenanigans of some children enjoying their anarchy and making the life of the crazy reviewer played by Florentino Fernández.

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Segura is the insomniac father of a spoiled only child with poor grades. The typical dedicated father to whom the rest of the school parents encasquen the task of the train trip with the children, a responsibility that by chance also falls on the grandfather of two of the children and on a somewhat breaded teenager who plays with all the grace the rapper and youtuber Diego Arroba The Eyebrows. The strange family formed by these three characters, with a specially inspired Leo Harlem, is the best of a film that exploits a white humor capable of flirting without getting muddy with the battles of political correctness.

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