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Third of sticks of the mincer Jean-Loup Alliet.
Third of sticks of the mincer Jean-Loup Alliet.A.M.

For many things, Céret is a paradise. The exile of many fans – Spanish, above all – tired of the same type of bull and task that they see day after day in most squares. Tired of a party devoid of emotion in which, by imposition of a few, integrity or caste have been reduced to its minimum expression.

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Like the second third, once the most important of the fight, and which today is usually nothing more than a mere procedure. Here, in Céret, and in other squares of bullfighting France, such as Vic-Fezensac, the fate of varas continues to enjoy enormous importance and respect. The “single punch” is not allowed and is forced to place the bull correctly and at a distance.

Because, can there be anything more beautiful than a well-armed bull pulling the horse from afar and galloping? Such a scene was repeated up to four times in the third bull of the last celebration of the Céret Fair. With great generosity, his matador, the French Maxime Solera, placed him long and that of Raso de Portillo came quickly and joyfully to the call of an exceptional horseman: Jean-Loup Alliet. And although the animal did not push bravely, the execution of luck by the young French varilarguero was masterful.

With ease and naturalness he moved the light horse from the Bonijol stable, to later call the bull, lift the stick, endure the task and leave four punches at the top, measuring the punishment. The square, ecstatic and on its feet, recognized his good work with the ovation in the afternoon. Bullfighter!

Another picador, Israel de Pedro, also shone in front of the terrifying gallant who closed the square. Veleto and very asty, he wore two pythons that took away the hiccups. After fulfilling in the breastplate, he developed as much nobility as stupidity and, like most of his brothers, sinned of lack of caste, dedication and humiliation.

The entire confinement came and let the horse hit, and had different doses of mobility in the last third. Unfortunately, that virtue was not always accompanied by the desired journey and delivery. In addition, they all charged at medium height and some, like the runners in second and fifth place, developed complications and bad style. Demanding was the first, and also encastadito the third. The room, very dingy, was the worst.

Nor was the performance of the shortlist brilliant. Distrustful, Fernando Robleño did not engage with any of his opponents, while the work of Gómez del Pilar and Maxime Solera did not go beyond willing. The first one left, yes, a veronica half bullfighter standing together, as a finish to his first capotero greeting.

Thus, without a single ear cut off in the entire fair (no one missed them), ended Céret, the paradise — and exile — torista par excellence.

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