Andrew Lloyd Webber cancels the premiere of his long-awaited musical ‘Cinderella’ a day before due to a case of coronavirus in the cast | Culture

Andrew Lloyd Webber on December 16, 2019, in New York.
Andrew Lloyd Webber on December 16, 2019, in New York.ANDREW KELLY / Reuters

He says the decision has been “devastating” and has “broken his heart.” Still, Andrew Lloyd Webber believes he has made the right choice: the celebrated billionaire composer and theater producer has announced just one day in advance the cancellation of the premiere of his latest and highly anticipated musical, Cinderella (Cinderella), scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday, after a cast member tested positive for coronavirus. In a message shared on social media, Lloyd Webber affirms that the suspension of the work, costing almost seven million euros, “will affect the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of people and will disappoint the thousands who had reserved a ticket to see the show”.

The creator, known for composing musicals such as Cats, The Phantom of the Opera O Avoid, who have earned him a fortune estimated at hundreds of millions of euros, he planned to return to the tables of London’s West End five years after his last appearance, and with an ambitious project, co-written with Emerald Fennell, winner of an Oscar for A promising young woman. However, just on the so-called day of freedom, as the British Government has baptized the reopening of dozens of activities authorized since Monday, Lloyd Webber is forced to close.

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“Produced by Cinderella, We have employed a rigorous testing system for all cast and crew members prior to work. On Saturday, as part of this process, we identified a positive case of a cast member who has a cameo on the show. As a precaution, we canceled two performances on Saturday while we ran further tests on the entire production, which came back negative. Anyone identified as a direct contact of the positive case performed yet another PCR test. And these were also negative. This morning we did a new test, facing the representation of tonight. Again, they were all negative. Despite this, the blunt tool that the Government’s isolation guide supposes prevents us from moving forward “, the composer writes in his message.

Lloyd Webber thus reiterates his critical stance towards the Executive led by the conservative Boris Johnson, in turn isolated these days by direct contact with a positive case for coronavirus. The composer has confronted the British Government on several occasions in recent weeks due to the lack of respect for culture that in his opinion the authorities show. In June, he assured that he was willing to ignore the Executive’s recommendations and go to jail if he did not authorize the reopening of the theaters with full capacity, according to the magazine. Variety. Even if Financial Times He explains that Lloyd Webber soon received legal advice that warned him of the enormous economic price of his idea and advised against such risky plans.

Variety It also ensures that Lloyd Webber and other British arts personalities came to sue the Government to force it to reveal the results of its pilot projects to return the public to cultural shows. As underlines Financial Times, the figure of the creator has always been surrounded by controversy, between fascinated admirers and fierce critics. What is certain, on the one hand, is his inordinate love for the theater, to the point of waging all kinds of battle and buying and renovating the Drury Lane Theater Royal for more than 60 million euros, the oldest performing space in London still in existence. use. But, at the same time, the newspaper recalls his problematic personality and that many have come to describe him as “snob” or “greedy.”

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