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Come together it is synonymous with spending time in the company of family or friends, but it also implies joy and gratitude for being with those we love. “It is that word that we are so eager to use again”, recognizes the Cadiz designer Raquel Jove, from Rebombo Estudio. And he captures it in a drawing in which a group of friends meet in a bar to have a good Cruzcampo and spend some time together.

Something similar happens with fetén. It is pronounced when a meal is good or when we have a memorable moment. “Fetén is that good and wonderful situation,” confirms illustrator Guillermo Anguita. And it gives it graphic form, with a smiling boy enjoying a beer, while sunbathing on the terrace of a bar.

Not to mention Elf, that power that is born from within us in an almost magical way, that turns our emotions into forms of expression and that makes our creations come alive. “The duende arises from the depths of our feeling”, adds the painter Almudena Castillo. That is why it has been inspired by all the past and current arts of its roots, and has represented them through a goddess with several arms who carries each of these arts in them.

Come together, fetén Y Elf They are three words with a root, character and, above all, a lot of accent, because they are closely linked to our way of being. With art, beast, commotion, flame, courage, pinch, power, hopefully and reliably, six young Andalusian artists have illustrated these words and used Cruzcampo’s most powerful beer bottles and cans as canvas: Cruzcampo Especial.

Pedrita Parker, Ahrde, Almudena Castillejo, Rebombo Studio, Guillermo Anguita Y Elena Serrato they carry out a diverse and collective journey through those leave, and they reflect in the Limited Editions of Cruzcampo Especial their impressions in drawings and illustrations, full of creativity.

The term 'Poderío' has been interpreted by the Malaga illustrator Pedrita Parker.
The term ‘Poderío’ has been interpreted by the Malaga illustrator Pedrita Parker.

“We continue to touch our roots to evolve, do different things and get the best version of ourselves,” explains Lala Fernández, the master brewer at the Cruzcampo factory in Seville, a brand with a centuries-old history. Cruzcampo Especial, in addition to Limited Editions, launches a new recipe, which incorporates caramel malt, which gives a brighter golden color to the beer with more power of the brand. This beer is made with renewable electrical energy from solar panels. “With the image of the Limited Editions and the new recipe, Cruzcampo Especial shows itself to the world proud of what it is, a beer with a lot of accent”, adds Fernández. These Limited Editions will be on sale during the summer, while supplies last.

Beer culture in Factoría Cruzcampo

In this return to the origins, Cruzcampo returns to rescue his roots in the same place where, in 1904, he made his beer for the first time. A venue full of history where Factoría Cruzcampo is now located, a renovated cultural space in Seville in which innovation and experimentation are the mantra of its young brewers Juan and Irene. In addition to tasting the seven craft beers that are made here, those who come to Factoría Cruzcampo can carry out a series of beer experiences, which include guided tours with blind tastings or tasting of pairings.

All designs from the Limited Editions collection.
All designs in the Limited Editions collection.

At the same time they contribute to a social purpose, since the waiters and cooks in this space are the students of the Cruzcampo Talent program, promoted by the Cruzcampo Foundation. 100% of the Factoría’s collection will be used to generate more job opportunities for these young people.

* Address: Avenida de Andalucía, 1 (Seville). Open Tuesday to Friday from 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Previous reservation in the web. Cruzcampo recommends responsible consumption.

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