‘Bill and Ted save the universe’: Keanu Reeves’ lack of comedic vision in an insufferable sequel to a hit from the nineties | Culture

The late sequels of short-term movies are usually not a great idea: the times of cinema have evolved, viewers have changed, and fans of the first or first installments have grown, at least the smartest. The mind-blowing adventures of Bill and Ted (Stephen Herek, 1989) y Bill and Ted’s mind-blowing journey (Peter Hewitt, 1991) were the typical exultant bullshit of a great decade, which was almost coming to an end, for youth cinema and its rales in the early nineties: simple and kaffir, especially the second. Science fiction comedies about time travel and music, without pretense of anything. This critic was never very amused, but his success is understood in certain circles: in addition to theaters, in the popular culture of the video stores of the time.

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It has taken ten years to raise Bill and Ted save the universe, since 2010, when the first news arrived that a sequel was being prepared (already late) in which its young protagonists were middle-aged men and they had to rescue the universe from their death thanks to the composition of a great song. But the matter has taken so long to mount, and it is understood after seeing the results, that for example Keanu Reeves, who never had a great comic vision, is already a 57-year-old guy playing the fool in a story of fully youthful aspirations.

Dean Parisot, director of another sci-fi parody comedy, Heroes out of orbit, This time he is in charge of putting into (debatable) images an insufferable nonsense in which the questions accumulate, although with a certainly basic one: why does a film about music have so little music and, when it finally appears and is supposed to That must be great because it saves the world, is it so pedestrian?

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