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Puerta del Príncipe de La Maestranza in Seville.
Puerta del Príncipe de La Maestranza in Seville.EmprePagés

The bulls in Seville are in the air. As the date of April 18 approaches, the day scheduled for the opening of the season in La Maestranza, the chances that the doors of the square will remain closed until the health situation caused by the pandemic changes substantially. The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno, has cooled down on Monday the already scarce illusions and possibilities for the April Fair to be held.

Moreno recalled that “the law is for everyone”, and marks a distance of one and a half meters, something that must be fulfilled “in each and every corner”, at the same time that he recalled that it is something that is happening in theaters, and that a soccer final of the Copa del Rey has just been experienced in Seville without an audience due to the “complex” situation.

The president has said that he understands the problem of viability and profitability that it represents for entrepreneurs, but in the current situation “we have to comply with the rules all” and health “has to prevail ahead of any activity.”

Thus, today, if the data on infections do not improve, it can be stated that the Junta de Andalucía will not accept to increase the capacity to 50%, which is the condition announced by the businessman Ramón Valencia to offer bulls in Seville.

The Andalusian Government refers to the autonomous decree law of October 29, 2020, still in force, which establishes that in bullfighting shows a distance of one and a half meters must be kept between spectators, and that 50% of the distance cannot be exceeded. Capacity allowed at health alert level 2, which is the province of Seville. In the case of La Maestranza, half the capacity would be 5,000 people, but if the distance of one and a half meters is applied, only 1,500 people could cover the lines, which represents 12% of the total number of locations.

Sources from the Junta de Andalucía assure that they are not against the celebration of celebrations, and proof of this is that there have been three bullfights, two in Ubrique and a third in Morón de la Frontera, but with exhaustive compliance with the regulations sanitary. This mandate was known to the Sevillian businessman when he presented the Sevillian fertilizer posters on March 12, and the Board reiterated it in the meeting he held, together with Simón Casas, on November 18 with the autonomous bullfighting officials.

Valencia himself announced on the day of the presentation of the posters that the celebrations could be celebrated if the health situation advised an increase in capacity. According to sources from the Junta de Andalucía itself, the Pagés company has been hasty when it comes to designing posters of figures that require high turnover at the box office to meet the expenses they generate.

The opinion of the expert committee

The same sources add that it is not foreseeable that the committee of experts will change the criteria in the coming days given that the number of infections in the province is higher than the month of January, so the rule established last month of October.

If the swords are still raised by the company and the Andalusian Government, it is more than likely that the doors of the Maestranza cannot be opened on April 18, which have been closed since October 2019. The businessman will have washed his image before the fans and the Real Maestranza with the presentation of the season ticket, but the opinion that Ramón Valencia has tried to give a pulse to the Junta de Andalucía knowing the impediment of the current regulations, instead of presenting one more season ticket, is gaining weight. cheap in terms of bulls and bullfighters, which would have been possible with the 1,500 spectators indicated by the health situation.

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