‘Cuñados’, a wonderful Galician comedy | Culture

Its titled Brothers in law and its three main characters are brothers-in-law, but in no way does it feed on brother-in-law jokes. Toño López’s debut feature, forged on Galician television, is an estimable surprise: a criminal comedy with a traditional air that, starting from situations of moral, social, family and personal misery, ends up discovering the tender side of his creatures, three poor men Devils. A collective work of enviable solidity, unfortunately rare in this type of commercial comedy products, in which all its artistic sections score points.

The beautiful photography of strong contrasting colors by Jaime Pérez, particularly outdoors; the stupendous montage of police interrogations, high-tempo comedy and texts; the soundtrack by Santi Jul and Iván Laxe, which punctuates each key, be it affectionate or brown, but without underlining; the agile staging of López, and, above all, the very worked script by Araceli Gonda, one of the writers of the series Iron, which seems to emulate the tone of classic homeland crime comedy like Robbery at three, with its small hardships in each of the characters, but also providing some essential elements that, in a certain sense – saving distances in terms of time and quality – could make it connect with the British comedies of the Ealing.

These concomitances are the portrait of the social, personal and cultural idiosyncrasy of a people, in this case the Galician in general and Orense in particular; the contemporary realistic background, although carried to absurdity and a certain implausibility; and that wonderful thing about Ealing, with the characters crashing before an unsolvable problem in principle. All this, with the usual one-piece villain -villain, in this case-, three excellent protagonists, Xosé A. Touriñán, Miguel de Lira and Federico Pérez Rey, each one in the register that his character demands, and a curious presence of the basketball in the plot, from the beginning to the unheard-of ending.

A surprise”, Brothers in law? Well, yes, very pleasant, for arriving at the strange moment that comes, and for being a film forged by names little or nothing known in Spanish comedy.

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