Dalí is the main figure on the Las Ventas ‘Corrida de la Cultura’ poster | Culture

Poster of the Corrida de la Cultura, to be held on July 4 in Las Ventas.
Poster of the Corrida de la Cultura, to be held on July 4 in Las Ventas.Plaza1

The image of the painter Salvador Dalí is the protagonist of the poster announcing the Extraordinary Corrida de la Cultura in which the right-handers Antonio Ferrera and Emilio de Justo will fight, hand in hand, bulls from Victoriano del Río in the Las Ventas bullring next Sunday, July 4.

Extremadura artist José Tomás Pérez Indiano is the author of the work, which is made with graphite, watercolor, acrylic, coffee and bleach; the poster starts from a central circle, a moving veronica on which the Madrid bullring is represented, with its original construction plans in the middle of the hemisphere and its current state in the other; and above all this emerges the figure of Dalí, one of the most universal in our culture, according to a statement from Plaza1, the management company of the Venteño arena.

“Dalí focuses the main message, as an expression of a very sane madness, an artistic expression at the highest level such as bullfighting: the greatest expression of art and madness”, says the author.

Along with the figure of Salvador Dalí, another of the great artistic exponents and lover of the art of bullfighting is also present: Federico García Lorca. “Including the message Lorquito, as Salvador called Federico, I wanted to have a nod to that relationship that Dalí and Lorca had, two geniuses who drank one from the source of the other feeding themselves”, the artist details.

José Tomás Pérez Indiano was born in Extremadura in 1992, and feels deeply rooted in the city of Seville, where he resides. “With a style marked by freshness and courage, his work is full of symbolism and innovation”, concludes Plaza1’s note.

In bullfighting posters, his compositions have already illustrated festivities in squares such as La Maestranza, La Malagueta or Cáceres, among others.

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