Durísima mansada of the Casta Navarra on their return to the squares | Culture

The third bull in the afternoon, in the third of varas.
The third bull in the afternoon, in the third of varas.A.M.

A clamorous ovation, before and after the walk, received the heroes of lights who accepted a feat that could well be considered historical: being in charge of giving fight and death, a century later, to a bullfight of the almost extinct Casta Navarra, one of the founding bloods of the fighting bull. And, although the respect and admiration of the fans who gathered in the French square of Céret was maintained throughout the entire celebration, it was not enough to sweeten the bitter drink they had to pass.

Because … wow. Sánchez Vara, Octavio Chacón, Miguel Ángel Pacheco, and their corresponding crews, found a very tough tame from which fortunately, and miraculously, they emerged unscathed. And that, without a doubt, is already a triumph.

The first run of the Navarrese Miguel Reta’s cattle ranch, who had been working for almost 25 years to recover the autochthonous encaste of his land, had both trap and meekness and difficulties. Complications, surely increased by the age of the animals: five of those who were dealt with were six years old, so they exceeded the maximum regulatory age, set at five.

An unprecedented fact that the Union of Bullfighting Villas of France, at the request of the ADAC (organizer of the fair), approved given “the historical nature of the return of the Navarrese caste to fighting on foot after a century”. That, and because of the difficulty of the farmer to gather six cattle for a place like that of Céret, after the suspension of the bullfight planned in 2020.

And that year of more was noticed. Boy, it was noticed. The six horns, as soon as they left through the pigsty door, marked their wishes and showed an unusual cleverness. Very loose, they stopped short and threw their hands in front when the bullfighters presented them with the capes. Afterwards, it took almost everyone a world to go to the horse, and when they felt the iron on their backs they came out terrified like a soul that the devil carries.

A behavior that forced the picadors to chase them along the length and breadth of the small Cerretan ring, in an unusual scene. Even so, some were barely stung, so the president took out the red handkerchief, condemning them to black flags. Up to three times.

And there began the nightmare of the banderilleros, who had a hard time to leave their sticks before the treacherous arreones of those from Reta. Despite this, Alberto Carrero and Juan Rojas, men from Octavio Chacón’s crew, starred in one of the most outstanding moments of the afternoon by matching the second with supreme skill and truth.

Things did not improve when the three matadors were alone with them in the last third. Only Sánchez Vara, who brilliantly served as a fighting director throughout the celebration, was able to rest his shoes on the ring in a few moments and leave some warm crutches. Above all, in front of the room, of terrifying horned pythons, the most “bearable” of the sextet.

With logical precautions, and despite the short course of his enemy, he managed to tie several batches of crutches on his right hand that were epic. Most likely he would have cut off an ear, but he jabbed with the sword and it was all in a clamorous turn to the ring.

Another ovation greeted after finishing the very difficult first, who, like the rest of his brothers, never gave himself up. As a good fighter, aware that showing off with right hands and naturals was impossible, Sánchez Vara fought him on his legs, macheted him and went for the sword.

Less fortunate was the performance of his two companions. Although their lots were practically impossible due to their meekness, violence and bad style, neither Octavio Chacón nor Miguel Ángel Pacheco proved to possess the necessary resources for such an ordeal. The second, younger and less skilled, did what he could not to get caught, while Chacón, who was seen to be especially uncomfortable and disgusted, ended up panicking. And it was no wonder…

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