Environment: Biologist Julia Carabias urges a change of model for a sustainable post-pandemic world at the Hay Festival | Culture

Julia Carabias, a Mexican biologist and researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), calls for a change in consumption to be able to preserve nature at the Hay Festival 2021. The health crisis has opened the opportunity to reconsider current trends of food, energy expenditure, technology purchases and mobility, among many other things. “The world population is growing. We are going to reach 9,000 million people in 2050 ”, warns Carabias, who warns that with current consumption models it will be very difficult not to deplete the planet’s resources. To take advantage of the window of change that the pandemic has opened, the biologist proposes a list of ideas to guarantee social well-being and human growth.

Carabias, who won the Cosmos International Award in 2004 for his work in defense of the environment, is part of the Hay Festival’s Imagine the World program. In this space, a series of personalities selected for their knowledge and experience will reflect on current problems, each one from their discipline of study, thinking about the different possibilities that arise as a result of covid-19. Users can submit questions for each participant, which will be answered two weeks after the talk is posted.

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