Geronimo Stilton travels to the Kingdom of Fantasy | Culture

Geronimo Stilton is an author, journalist, and editor. A little distracted, with his head in the clouds, he lives in Ratonia (Mouse Island) and directs The echo of the Rodent, the newspaper with the highest circulation in your country. Writing is her passion and she has so many adventures to tell that she has written over 400 children’s books. His latest assignment has taken him to the Kingdom of Fantasy. All the adventures he has lived there have been collected in a collection that will hit newsstands next Sunday, April 11, with EL PAÍS. The collection is also available on the Collections website. The first delivery is priced at 6.95 euros.

They are stories are comical, as tender as a ball cheese, as tasty as a gorgonzola and as entertaining as telling the holes in a slice of gruyere, as Stilton would say. Aimed at children between 8 and 10 years old, they are full of fun.

His books entertain and are full of humor and unforeseen events, but at the same time, through their mishaps, they bring children closer to universal and profound values, such as friendship, sincerity, love, respect for others … , values ​​that children need to grow and develop emotionally.

In this collection, the intrepid journalist faces countless exploits in the Realm of Fantasy. To discover them all, he invites the little ones to follow him through 25 deliveries. Children will know the most remote corners of the Kingdom of Fantasy and all its inhabitants. They will travel from the Kingdom of the Trolls to the Land of Time, passing through the Kingdom of the Elves or making a stop in the Country of Chocolate. They will meet elves, witches, gnomes and trolls and experience a host of adventures with Geronimo Stilton that will activate their imaginations.

In addition, they will be able to help the journalist to overcome some feats worthy of the most courageous knight. So much so that he asks to be called by the nickname of “The Knight Without Stain and Without Fear.”

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