Hiba Abouk and Mina El Hammani’s battle against the racial cliché | Culture

Mina El Hammani, directing her short film 'Thirty seconds' last Monday.
Mina El Hammani, directing her short film ‘Thirty seconds’ last Monday.Joseph Hernandez

He was born in Madrid 34 years ago. He studied at the French Lyceum – an institution in the educational world of the city. Then he studied two courses in Arabic Philology, and began acting at Resad, the drama school, where he graduated. “My dream, my intention, was to enter the National Classical Theater Company,” he says over the phone, in a talk in which his crystalline diction is appreciated: not an iota of the traditional “ejque”. And the aspiring actress began the usual walk through tests of casting, where he collided with the racism and ignorance caused by his name: …

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