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If we mix The big lebowski of the Coen brothers with Two dumbs so dumbs of the Farrellys, we get pretty close to that air of 90s absurd comedy that has Jaws, French film starring two very moronic morons stuck in immaturity and embarked on a road movie surreal with a giant fly in the trunk. Yes, a giant fly, two manual idiots who want to train her to steal and a girl who can only communicate by screaming and who, between screams, is ready to explode an adventure for which the viewer is only worth one piece of advice: relax and enjoy.

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Played by the comedy duo of Grégoire Ludwig and David Marsais, the new film by the unclassifiable Quentin Dupieux is a buddy movie French (or peer comedy) with two brilliant performers playing joke and gesture ping-pong. Only Ludwig’s play with his hair would give for a reflection on a way of slapstick concentrated on eyes, hands and bangs. But the surprise is not so much the duo formed by Ludwig and Marsais, but how the actress Adèle Exarchopoulos (The life of Adele) shows an unsuspected ability to also go through the most irrational comedy.

Jaws It connects with the most hermetic current of French comic cinema, although with a Californian filter that makes it more accessible. The truth is that, beyond the grace or not that they can make their gags, the film works in a way as strange as its ridiculous plot, that is to say with the same lightness as that children’s bicycle in the shape of a unicorn that at one point the film’s main characters happily mount. Dupieux manages to curl the curl of the absurd with that giant and bulimic fly that the two characters hide, but it turns out to be cute thanks to that couple of hollow heads a la Beavis and Butt-Head that reminds us of everything good (and surely everything bad) of the last decade carefree and happy.

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