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Jorge Martínez, on the left, and Manuel Perera, both with a face of circumstances, after hearing the jury's decision.
Jorge Martínez, on the left, and Manuel Perera, both with a face of circumstances, after hearing the jury’s decision.FTL

If in bullfighting half of the emotion that was felt last Sunday in the hand in hand between the bullfighters Jorge Martínez and Manuel Perera were experienced, bullfighting would go through a happy and boiling stage.

The final of the Circuit de Novilladas de Andalucía was held in the Plaza Granada of Atarfe, this project promoted by the Toro de Lidia Foundation to promote young values, today lacking the possibilities to make their way dressed in lights.

In the pens, four chosen steers from Torrestrella and El Torero, who were excessively comfortable and noble, and two from Ana Romero, radically different, rough, uncertain, ready, who presented serious difficulties to the bullfighters.

And in the quadrille yard, two kids, Jorge and Manuel, 21 and 19 years old, respectively, both very serious, with faces hardened by responsibility, aware, without a doubt, that this afternoon would be momentous in their lives.

The two more than won the victory despite the jury’s decision

From the moment the bullpen gate was opened, it became clear that there were two bullfighters in one piece in the ring, their eyes tense, their lost smile, their eyes wide as saucers, their hearts spurting, both ready to die if necessary to reach the goal. goal of being the winner of the celebration.

The tension of an intense and fierce competition was palpable in the hot atmosphere of the covered square, and each one opened wide the book of their scarce knowledge in a delivery without limits that was radiated by some enthusiastic stretches before the spectacle of the two kids

Jorge Martínez, with a severe, hieratic and distant appearance, drinks from the sources of classicism and handles deceptions with ease and elegance; Perhaps it is difficult for him to connect with the stretched out and he sins of coldness.

Manuel Perera pursues success with accelerating passion; Varied with cape and crutch, always determined and dedicated, he prefers to lose essence in favor of the show.

Jorge Martínez torea al natural.
Jorge Martínez fights naturally.FTL

The two starred in an afternoon full of emotion, they triumphed with the artist bulls that allowed them to enjoy their comfort zone, they suffered fatigue with the Santa Coloma steers, and they gave it their all. After all, they have just started, they have a whole life ahead of them and an encyclopedia to learn and correct defects.

The moment of truth came when the verdict of the jury was known, which unanimously designated Jorge Martínez as the winner of the Circuit.

The criteria of the judges cannot be appealed, but the rule that governs this “contest” lacked, perhaps, the necessary sensitivity to grasp that the two kids, distant in their conception, but united in their dedication, decision and self-love, were creditors of triumph.

Perera was the face of defeat, and a bullfighter with his guts, his hobby and his fortitude did not deserve it.

The proxies -Ruiz Manuel and, especially, Juan José Padilla- offered a sad spectacle

Neither one nor the other is old enough to understand that life is very long and full of surprises. Neither the triumph of now guarantees that of tomorrow nor the disappointment of today is an obstacle to being a figure. They are very young, they have chosen the most difficult profession, they have conditions, they know what sacrifice and resignation are, and their bodies are already bruised from cartwheels. And the two more than won the final triumph despite the jury’s decision.

It would have been the best solution, the fairest, the prize for a short life, but curdled with effort and disappointments in the search for that almost impossible dream of being a master in the art of bullfighting.

By the way, the two bullfighters are taken over by two retired bullfighters: Ruiz Manuel governs the career of Jorge Martínez, and Juan José Padilla, that of Manuel Perera.

Both must do a quick course on the fundamental contents of their work as soon as possible so as not to commit again the very serious errors that they evidenced in the Plaza de Atarfe.

A proxy is a representative before the companies, a consultant, a teacher who teaches and corrects defects in training, but never a protagonist in the alley, who chases, shouts, reprimands and pressures the bullfighter.

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They both did, Ruiz Manuel – more restrained – and Padilla, who was especially unlucky.

Juan José Padilla, so exemplary and admired as a bullfighter and person, had a bad afternoon; With his shouts at the bullfighter and his permanent anger, he became the protagonist and ridiculed himself. His confrontation with a spectator who had made a comment against Perera was the last straw for his mistakes.

Love should not be confused with passion, or timely advice with constant pressure in full view of everyone. It is already known that from the sublime to the ridiculous there is only one step.

Fortunately, the reprehensible performance of the proxies did not prevent the loyal competition of the bullfighters who magnified the bullfighting festival.

The pity is that the afternoon could end with the two smiling and triumphant bullfighters, and it was not like that.

Jorge Martínez kept his serious demeanor despite the trophy, and Perera couldn’t hide his disappointment.

A pity that the rules of the Circuit do not contain the sensitivity necessary to lift on the shoulders of two incipient figures who arrived in Atarfe ready to risk their lives for real.

And that attitude does deserve an award.

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