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Jorge Martínez and Victorino Martín, president of the Toro de Lidia Foundation.
Jorge Martínez and Victorino Martín, president of the Toro de Lidia Foundation.FTL

Jorge Martínez, a 21-year-old bullfighter, a native of Totana (Murcia), but raised bullfighting in Almería, was declared the winner of the Bullfighting Circuit of Andalusia this Sunday at the end of the celebration held in the Granada town of Atarfe.

The winner cut off three ears in front of his partner, Manuel Perera, a 19-year-old bullfighter from Albacete, who obtained four; Despite this, the jury made the decision unanimously, although it had to take into account, in addition to the trophies, the attitude and artistic expression of the performers.

Both candidates faced a confinement made up of three different irons, Torrestrella, El Torero and Ana Romero, the first two very noble and comfortable and the steers of Santa Coloma origin complicated.

The two finalists arrived at Atarfe after passing a qualification process in which nine young people participated and which began in Sanlúcar de Barrameda on May 29. The so-called Circuito de Novilladas de Andalucía is part of the National League, organized by the Fundación del Toro de Lidia, and which includes other qualifying processes in Madrid, Castilla y León, which are in the semifinal phase, and the North and the Mediterranean, they haven’t started yet.

Martínez and Perera reached the final with two different but equally valid concepts. The first, cold and austere in its forms, but classic, relaxed, with technical sufficiency and a sense of placement and temper; and the second, with a greater capacity to connect with the public, very courageous, varied with deception and with a dedication without limits.

Both had fought very little with picadors, but they demonstrated a surprising ability to overcome their inexperience with an inordinate desire to perform good bullfighting before the noble steers who allowed it, and they barely kept their spirits in the face of the difficulties presented by the opponents of Ana Romero.

Martínez cut off an ear to his first, Torrestrella, excessively noble, with a dominating task, but without artistic background or pinch. He passed a quinario with the one from Santa Coloma, bland, smart and complicated in excess for a kid used to more comfortable steers. Only the president’s generosity avoided greater evils in the supreme luck, which was long and desperate for the aspirant. He improved sensibly before the good bull of El Torero, whom he received with elegant veronica, and cut off both ears after a work based on firmness and a sense of temper.

Manuel Perera froze when he heard the jury’s verdict. I did not expect it after the waste of energy and dedication that had starred throughout the celebration.

He received his three steers at the pigsty gate, with saltilleras in the first, and long shifted knees in the other two. His bullfighting is joyful and ravishing, based on courage and an emotional and warm style. He wandered one ear of his first, cut both of Ana Romero’s (a perhaps excessive award, although he overcame the difficult test with some sufficiency), and another was awarded to him for the last steer, which were not sufficient reasons for the jury designate him as the winner of the cycle.

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