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The debut in the direction of Júlia de Paz Solvas It is the stark portrait of a bad mother. The adjective is not in the film, although the mother is basically a disaster, but in the gaze of society and the viewer towards a woman who does not measure up to what is required of her. The father does not exist. Pepa, played with claw by Sevillian Tamara Casellas, does what she can to survive. Distribute the flyers from a beach disco and likes, or has no choice, to go out at night. She stumbles through life and that is incompatible with the care a little girl needs. Based on the short of the same title, but it is a film at ground level in his portrait of a woman overwhelmed and alone. The context of their precarious way of life is a blurred Benidorm where night and day circulate on opposite lanes and in which family life denies existence after sunset.

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Attached at all times to her protagonist, camera in hand, Júlia de Paz Solvas tearfully shows the misfortune of a woman laden like a mule with bags and responsibilities that she does not know how to face. At times, and saving distances, the character remembers the mother of The Florida Project, Sean Baker’s brutal movie set in a roadside motel near Disneyland. But but it doesn’t explore childhood, as Baker does. Here the mother-child relationship makes its way more timidly, marked by that scar near the pubis that evokes the trauma of childbirth. The mother does not know how to take care of herself or of a daughter who at times seems a stranger. A hesitant, petite and nervous mother-child, holding a daughter who will soon be twice her size. Feeding on junk food, only under the glitter of a gift shop does the game between them seem possible. but he does not judge his character, on the contrary, deep down he pursues understanding towards a lost woman. And although her end is too hasty, she achieves her mission by raising a question that has no easy answer: who decides and what exactly is a bad mother?

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