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The actresses Julieta Serrano and Núria Espert, this Thursday at the Almagro Classical Theater Festival (Ciudad Real).
The actresses Julieta Serrano and Núria Espert, this Thursday at the Almagro Classical Theater Festival (Ciudad Real).Patricia Galiana / Europa Press

The actresses Julieta Serrano, 88, and Nuria Espert, 86, were the ones who truly inaugurated the 44th edition of the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival on Thursday afternoon. Seeing them together on stage, the first receiving the XXI Corral de Comedias Award, the second participating in the act with her partner and friend, left the audience overwhelmed.

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The correct and concise words of Espert, without papers, contributed to this, telling who Serrano is outside the stage, who is that woman, “his sister”, whom he defined as the most beloved actress in the profession: “For her goodness, character, intelligence, culture and generosity, which he shares hands full, because the best of Julieta emerges when the curtain falls at the end of a show and that exceptional person appears ”.

To make his professional facet known, the young playwright Paco Bezerra was in charge of the laudation. She went through the overwhelming theatrical career of the winner, putting aside her presence in Spanish cinema of the last six decades, so it goes without saying that she is a fetish actress for Pedro Almodóvar, who sent her kisses while rating her of “authentic demonstrate”.

Bezerra stressed that Serrano, with dozens of works to his credit and including nine shakespearesDuring all her years of profession, she has represented the ideal of a “free, rebellious and pioneering” woman. “Rebel for defying unwritten social mandates, free for not depending economically on anyone, and pioneer for having crossed the cheap line of morality and the established, such as starring in the first nude of Spanish cinema before uncovering or revolutionizing the national scene with the unforgettable montage of The maids ”, in reference to the one created by García / Genet with Espert.

Before, Ignacio García, director of the show, took part as host, almost euphoric at the celebration of a festival that recovers its usual extension, stage spaces and performances. “Almagro is a unique space for coexistence, a feminist, Americanist, accessible and inclusive space, and this year also Iberian, since Portugal is the guest country of the festival that has chosen as its motto for this year the verse of Sor Ana de la Trinidad : ‘And the brief time you will spend in flowers. There was no lack of Portuguese presence in the act, with the musicians Marco Oliveira and Rita Barber.

José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, Minister of Culture and Sports, recalled the work, perseverance and conviction of the world of culture in this time of pandemic for making it safe and for demonstrating that it is a necessary and essential part of the human condition. He also had words for the winner, starting with Aristotle: “Sorry for the pedantry, but with this audience I can do it,” he added. It was the head of Culture who presented the award to Julieta Serrano, who seemed in a cloud as she briefly pointed out: “Everything resonates with me like a dream that cannot be real, all these are the words you have dedicated to me, because I am not that important , so I can only show my deep emotion at this recognition ”.

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