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Actress Fiorella Faltoyano surely did not imagine that the artist she presented on the program Ladies and Gentlemen!, performing for the first time in Spain, it would become a living myth. It was in 1975, when Raffaella Carrà entered the homes of that country singing Noise. Although the television was in black and white, the Italian, already dressed in a tight shiny jumpsuit, promised to bring a lot of color. So it was.

Portrait of Raffaella Carrà, in 1984.

Raffaella Carrà, diva of television and music, dies

His musical debut took place in 1971, with a version of the mythical I Say a Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin, with a frenetic pace and emerging victorious. His next album contained a song whose lyrics and dance would provoke the wrath of the Vatican. It was about Tuca Tuca, where Raffaella boasted of a navel and sensual swagger, the one that would accompany him throughout his career. It was in full late Francoism. His songs, which interspersed the rumbas and disco rhythms, soon began to be published in a Spain that navigated between folkloric and singer-songwriters. Raffaella was something else.

Your then sentimental partner, Gianni Boncompagni, was in charge of the production and composition of some of the songs that she defended like no one else. Those in which he made us memorize the phone number 53 53 456, he taught us that In love, everything is beginning, and it reminded us that after a breakup the best thing is a Fiesta. It is fair, speaking of men in the shadows, to also quote the composer Danilo Vaona; and to José Luis Gil, its introducer in Spain when he was CEO of the CBS record company.

In the mid-eighties she became one of the most beloved (and sought-after) presenters on Italian television, which partially alienated her from her musical side in Spain. But Raffaella always came back, and in 1988 she did so covered by a new song composed by Carlos Berlanga and Nacho Canut (Not think of you) that would have fit perfectly into his repertoire of Alaska and Dinarama. The songs of the Carrà are synonymous with joy, charisma and fun, something that he kept until his last album in 2018, in an album of Christmas carols in which he dared equally with La Marimorena or the Jingle Bell Rock.

The best celebrations carry your voice, almost as a synonym for good luck at weddings, birthdays and communions. She leaves, but we’ll keep looking for Lucas, yelling How painful when there is a woman in the closet, and being very clear that to make love well “you have to come to the south.”

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