Revenge to the ‘herds’ and five other movies to watch this weekend | Culture

This week, three come to Spanish cinemas thrillers: A promising young woman, a tribute to those friends who at some point in their life have been everything and to all the women who have suffered not only rape, but questioning their word for their way of dressing or living; Guarded, where Dave Franco makes his directorial debut with a classic peeping tale with a Hitchcockian twist; Y I Care A Lot, where a woman commands a criminal network in which a police investigator, several directors of homes for the elderly and a medical doctor are involved.

The debut of Julie Manoukian, daughter of the French composer André Manoukian, is premiered, thus pointing to one of the most popular subgenres of French cinema in a comedy in a town in France called A vet in Burgundy. Drama is added to the list Capone, a confusing and uninteresting portrait of the famous gangster’s last year of life, played here by Tom Hardy, also Of love and monsters a science fiction film about mutant insects in a childish post-apocalypse.

The films have been reviewed by Elsa Fernández-Santos and Javier Ocaña.

Carey Mulligan, in 'A Promising Young Woman'

A PROMISING YOUTH. Emerald Fennell.

A bright future awaited Cassie; she was an exemplary student who aspired to be a doctor. But a traumatic event changes the course of her life and she decides to take justice into her own hands: at night she acts as if she is drunk and takes revenge on the men who come to take advantage of her.

Noémie Schmidt, in 'A vet in Burgundy'.


A girl graduates from university with the intention of specializing in viruses and pandemics in a Paris laboratory. His plans are cut short by an urgent call from his uncle, a retired veterinarian willing to pass the witness of his trade to his niece.

Sheila Vand, in 'Watched'.

MONITORED. Dave Franco

Two couples rent a house for the weekend, but they suspect that the owner is spying on them, which puts their relationships to the test.

Rosamund Pike, en 'I Care A Lot'.

I CARE A LOT. Jonathan Blakeson

A woman who commands a criminal network in which a police investigator, several directors of homes for the elderly and a doctor of medicine are involved in order to fleece the old from a strange American legal formula that allows them to become their guardians legal if a doctor confirms that there are symptoms of mental decline.

Image of 'Of love and monsters'.

OF LOVE AND MONSTERS. Michael Matthews.

Seven years after surviving the monster invasion, teenage Joel abandons his comfortable bunker to search for his ex-girlfriend and tries to survive with the help of a hunter.

Tom Hardy, in 'Capone'.


A “biopic” focused on the twilight of the life of the famous Prohibition gangster between the ghosts of the past and the tedious routines of the present of a sick man, confined at 48 years in a luxurious Florida farm as a result of the devastating effects of severe dementia caused by syphilis.

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