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Robe Iniesta during the presentation in Madrid of the farewell tour of Extremoduro, in December 2019.
Robe Iniesta during the presentation in Madrid of the farewell tour of Extremoduro, in December 2019.CLAUDIO ÁLVAREZ

Robe Iniesta (Plasencia, 58 years old) continues with his plan. On March 18, the singer issued a statement stating that Extremoduro’s farewell tour, scheduled for this May, was canceled and that it would be rescheduled “if by then it still makes any sense.” In the same text, he was impatient for the release of his new solo album and for going on tour to present it. And here is the first preview, the song Philosophy shit what has spread on their social networks.

Iniesta’s controversial statement did not like many people. Especially Live Nation, the company that organizes the tour, and Iñaki Uoho, the other member of Extremoduro. In two independent texts, both indicated that the decision of the group leader had been “unilateral” and that for them it was a surprise. In fact, Uoho said: “My firm decision during all this time has been to carry out the farewell tour of Extremoduro as soon as possible and the covid allows it, offering dates as many times as necessary and delaying it as necessary whenever we are forced by the health situation. I will keep trying to make it so; I think we owe it to you ”. The isolation between the two fixed members of the group does not seem very fluid at the moment.

Iniesta considers that his solo proposal is more adaptable to pandemic times than a recital by Extremoduro, which needs venues of 20,000 people. The idea of ​​the musician is to present his new work, which is released on April 30, in theaters in the fall. The irritation is also in the followers of the group, who, for the moment, miss the farewell recitals and do not return their money.

As soon as the new song was published, the musician’s Twitter account became a ring. On the one hand there were those who praised the piece and on the other those who demanded the money for the tickets. About 300,000 tickets all 14 concerts have been dispatched, all venues full. “What about the money for the farewell concert tickets,” say many users. “Very few times, very very few, it gives me a chill on the first listen, and today is one of those few. Fantastic job. Looking forward to hearing the rest, ”wrote another on the new topic.

To further entangle the situation, Iniesta has connected Philosophy shit with an Extremoduro album. Is it a song by Robe Iniesta or a work by Extremoduro? It is signed by the solo musician, but the piece sounds like the band he founded in the late eighties. “We are pleased to present you a fragment of our next work, specifically, the second movement, Philosophy shit. This album was created in 2018, exactly ten years after the publication of The innate law. Ten years it took me to return. And from this return, or perhaps from everything lived in the meantime, this unexpected continuation arose ”. The disk, therefore, is connected to The innate law, the fantastic work that Extremoduro edited in 2008, also divided into several movements.

Philosophy shit It is a hard song, with explicit language, with an overwhelming presence of guitars and with an almost progressive rock structure. In the 4.54 minutes up to three instrument solos are heard: violin, keyboard and guitar. Iniesta is disappointed when singing: “Shit of philosophy, I would go, it drowns me. / Looking for the way to make revolutions, I spent my whole life playing the balls. / Having an ideology and losing convictions, going back to what is primary. / That I I just want to make you dance, dance like a crazy whore ”. A disbelieving handwriting for a moment of confusion.

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