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The truth became an unappealable hurricane. We saw that in the documentary about the life of Rocío Carrasco. With the French song here by Barbara Pravi as a chant that added sweetness to the catharsis. A mother in ruins who nevertheless recounted her destruction with a sober, distinguished Castilian diction. Rocío Carrasco’s phrases, in the midst of tears, were perfect. A charming Spaniard in his mouth. A stylish manicure, a stylish mane too. A mix that was never seen on predictable Spanish television between pain and seduction. Pain and glory. I would not be writing this article if I had not seen an artistic construction in Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive.

All the symbols of Spanish culture were there: the Spanish popular song, inherited from the mother, the weddings with tronío, the boxing of a distant Spain symbolized by the father, Pedro Carrasco, the bullfighting symbolized by the stepfather, the alleged abusive husband , unfaithful and manipulative, all leading to a mixture of martyrdom and virginity, and a mane supported by a red dress. The Virgen del Rocío was looking for a reincarnation.

I remembered a lot about Federico García Lorca. The woman in red mixed pain and beauty. There was there, on the screen, an oral novel, a Cervantes novel, which was later interpreted by the fellow guests invited to the program, who basically argued between fiction and reality, as in the Quixote. We saw the marriage with a civil guard, the betrayal of one’s own family, depression, psychiatry, anxiety, pills, money. Of course, the urgent thing was, from feminism, the defense of abused women, that was done immediately by politicians. But I do not think that this documentary was exhausted in the forced feminist awareness of psychological abuse. There were many more things. For example, the riddle of insulted beauty. The enigma of 20 years of silence. The enigma of courage. We saw a woman from Lorca alone. The high heels. Bracelets. The soft makeup. The way of sitting in the chair, which looked like a Buddha. And the most pedagogical thing: a human being should never give up seduction, even in the midst of pain.

Antonio David Flores arriving to her Trial in Madrid on Friday, 12 February 2021.

Mediaset dispenses with Antonio David Flores after accusations of mistreatment of Rocío Carrasco

There was no vulgarity, nor reality cheap. There was elegance and great beauty, as Sorrentino would say. How could one human being do so much harm to another human being. What horror and dread money and fame carry inside. Selling exclusives, people who saw the slaps and shut up. The mother-in-law saying that the child you carry in your womb has not been done with your finger. And the fragility of Rocío Carrasco. We worship that woman, because she teaches us that the truth is still possible in this world.

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