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The waiters entrust themselves to San Fermín moments before starting a Sanfermines 2019 closure.
The waiters entrust themselves to San Fermín moments before starting a running of the Sanfermines 2019.Manuel Castells / EFE

The 7th of July, the feast of San Fermín, began in Pamplona with sadness and an unusual silence in the streets where the first running of the Sanfermines in 2021 should have been celebrated, suspended for the second consecutive year due to the pandemic.

This year, as happened in 2020, the covid-19 has forced to suspend all festive events, including the Pamplona bull fair, so that not even the bulls will run from the Santo Domingo corrals to the Pamplona bullring to At eight in the morning or in the afternoons there will be no bullfighting celebration.

Despite this, there have been those who have not wanted to miss their appointment, and at eight in the morning they have approached the Cuesta de Santo Domingo, to the niche in which the image of the saint is located, in some cases to show him his respect for a few moments, and in others to sing the typical song of “A San Fermín we ask …”, prior to the start of the race.

Greetings and hugs between old acquaintances, dressed in white and red despite the suspension of the parties, have happened in the surroundings of a slope with more presence, at times, of the media than of corridors.

Along the route of the confinement, without fences or spectators on the balconies, we have been able to see some groups of runners dressed in Pamplonica who, despite everything, have wanted to be in some streets to which they hope to return next year. yes, to run before the bulls.

San Fermín Txikito

For his part, the mayor of Pamplona, ​​Enrique Maya, has announced that at the Extraordinary Meeting of the House of Mercy held on Monday afternoon it was decided that there will be no bullfights around the San Fermín Txikito festivities, scheduled for the end of September.

Regarding bullfighting shows, he recalled that next year marks the centenary of the city’s bullring and has advocated working to celebrate “something special.”

Likewise, he has asked citizens to act from “maximum responsibility”, and has called to “rethink what we want the holidays to be” for next year. “There are no San Fermín festivals. We had to say it a year ago, and for a while I thought that a year later we were going to be in the same circumstance, but that’s how events have come ”, said Enrique Maya.

On the other hand, he recognized that there is a “subject that is more controversial, which is the maintenance of the confinements”, and that “it will be debated with complete security.” Maya has defended the continuity of these festivities since she has considered that “the bulls are intimately linked to the festival.” “For me, the Sanfermines without bulls would be absolutely different from the Sanfermines that we know,” said Maya, who has admitted, however, that “this will also emerge in the debate.”

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