The Almagro theater festival celebrates the “indomitable” work of journalist Rosana Torres | Culture

Rosana Torres observes Almudena Grandes, during her speech of gratitude to the journalist of EL PAÍS in the tribute of the Almagro festival.
Rosana Torres observes Almudena Grandes, during her speech of gratitude to the journalist of EL PAÍS in the tribute of the Almagro festival.Pablo Lorente

One of the first adjectives to describe her was “untamed.” And the truth is that one of the many reasons why the Almagro Classic Theater Festival honored Rosana Torres, editor of EL PAÍS, is precisely her courage. In journalism, and in life. But much more was celebrated: his articles, his knowledge, his professionalism and his “tireless defense” of the theater and of the event itself. The event also recognized the work of the journalist and critic of Abc Julio Bravo and the Ciudad Real Press Association.

“I am puzzled. I have the impostor syndrome, long before people started talking about it. They paid me to do what I did before: I went to the theater and at night we would go to comment on the show and the actors came down and we asked them. And suddenly they began to pay me for that, “said Torres. And he wanted to make clear once again his passion for the performing arts: immediately afterwards, he celebrated directors, technicians, actors, costume designers and all those who make the theater. And, of course, to the Almagro festival itself.

“Rosana Torres should be honored every day,” said the writer Almudena Grandes, in charge of the laudation from her journalist friend. He described her as an “essential figure in contemporary Spanish theater” and confessed that, to prepare his speech, he began to read Torres’s articles. But, instead of taking material for her words, she ended up trapped herself: “I got so hooked that I hardly arrived in time to write this text.”

Grandes evoked the “encyclopedic” knowledge of Torres, his chronicles “full of vitality” and capable of provoking in the reader the “sudden need to get into a theater”. And, at the same time, he recalled the infinite triumphal income of the journalist in any stage space in Spain: “I am fascinated by the image of Rosana with painted lips entering a theater with her wheelchair and sending kisses to her countless acquaintances. The first time I saw her again, I knew that she had defeated the dragon with the sword of the theater ”.

The dragon that assaulted Torres years ago is called transverse myelitis. He managed to confine her to a wheelchair, but failed with his enthusiasm, as was underlined on the spot. For proof, the editor’s own words at one point in her speech: “I don’t stand up because I’m lazy.” “His love for the theater is so pure that it wasn’t even broken,” recalled Grandes.

The writer also cited Torres’s latest article for EL PAÍS, his “emotional and highly documented farewell” to the actress Pilar Bardem. “Neither Rosana has ever abandoned the theater nor has the theater abandoned her. And their articles are the proof of this alliance ”, he added. And Bravo recognized the enormous “generosity” of his colleague.

Grandes also recalled the many evenings at the house of the editor and her partner, Ramón, as well as a very personal anecdote: “For many years Rosana was a being with supernatural powers for my daughters.” It was not be for lowerly. Once, on a Three Kings Day, the journalist took all the children out to the balconies to watch the parade and “told them that they had to be very quiet to listen to Melchor.” And suddenly, at one point, the king called them all by name. Magic, for the daughters of Almudena Grandes. Although to more than one journalist, Rosana Torres’ contact list would also seem something out of the ordinary.

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