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Thousands of spectators, this Thursday at the Cruïlla festival
Thousands of spectators, this Thursday at the Cruïlla festivalMarta Pérez / EFE

Fluency, almost total absence of queues and speed in the delivery of the results of the antigen tests that opened the doors of the Cruïlla. The Barcelona festival took note of the collapses that were generated both in Vida and Canet Rock and implemented new features that yesterday, in the first of its three days at the Forum, worked by facilitating public access: 18,000 people. The festival plays in the opposite field, coinciding with an almost unbridled increase in infections among the youngest, which were precisely the bulk of an initial day dedicated to the hip-hop that would close as stars Natos and Waor and later Kase.O.

The first great novelty to speed up the antigen tests to which the attendees have to undergo daily, with a price of 15 euros for the three days, was that there was no application that could collapse. Thus, both the results and the money with which the drinks are paid are stored in a wristband with a chip. She indicates both the balance and the health status of the bearer, who must certify their identity with the DNI.

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The bracelet, which works as a purse, is recharged through the mobile. Physical money is conspicuous by its absence at a festival where there is no such thing as a mobile phone: in it: in it, the public, who had selected a time to take their test, received the result of the nasal tests in an email. In line with some statements by Jordi Herreruela, director of the festival, to RAC-1, in which he stated without specifying figures that the positives among workers were high, at 9:00 p.m. 125 positives had been registered among the public, a quite high figure in line with the advance of infections in Catalonia. For reference, Vida, which screened 27,200 people, registered a total of 51 positives. Taking into account that now a positive can infect between 10 and 15 people, the role of social screening that festivals carry out more or less quickly must be assessed.

In an atmosphere of total relaxation and with an overwhelming presence of the local public, the 88 boxes located in the Barcelona International Convention Center were welcoming the assistance, attended by 300 toilets. Their emoluments ranged from 8 euros / hour for an assistant (“without paying us trips or those who come from outside Barcelona,” one of them complained), to 35 euros for the highest categories. The same complaining assistant, a veteran of Vida, also appreciated the improvements: “It is better organized and here we have air conditioning and we do not grill under protective equipment.”

After testing and receiving their free FFP2 mask, the public frolicked on the grass in front of the building’s façade before heading through the festival entrances. They had to pass three security checks and a final validation of entry and test, verified which opened the doors of a musical paradise that this Thursday only activated two of its four stages, also leaving its tent of humor monologues closed.

But the trickiest issue, avoiding collapses that had not occurred before 8:00 p.m., was persuading the audience about the use of the mask. To do this, the volunteers already wore an allusive slogan on their t-shirts, and the artists, according to the festival, also remembered it. It was also planned that a team of 50 volunteers would rebuke the attitude of those who wore the mask at half mast. At first glance, the use of the face filter was more widespread than in Vida and Canet Rock. One measure to avoid the strike of fallen masks in areas where crowding is natural consisted of perimetering a wide fenced space in front of the stages, where it was not possible to access with food or drink, the only activities that allow the mask to be lowered. More difficult to control was tobacco, since smoking was prohibited if there was no safety distance.

The positives in COVID affected the poster, in which Senyor Oca, the opening artist, tested positive, canceling his concert. In his place, Mr. Wilson acted, with whom he shares part of the name and recruitment agency. On the plates was the great Griffi, the self-proclaimed “slick and smooth” disc-jockey and producer of the remembered Solo Los Solo.

With a Sun tinged by summer clouds and in a context of reunion manifested in a phrase on a welcome sign (“Hello strangers, I have missed you”), the real party began at 8 pm with Tears of Blood, a hip-hop festive with derivations even to the cumbia. After the first songs and after roaring his joy at having a crowd in front of him again, Tears of Blood remembered the need to use the mask. By the way, in case of breakage or loss, free FFP2 masks were delivered in a booth on the central esplanade. At that time, only in front of the incident booths about thirty people were queuing. The Cruïlla was already walking with the intention of showing that more than 20,000 people can be screened daily without exhausting its quota of patience in a sanitary safe environment. This Thursday the first step has been taken.

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