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Robe Iniesta and Iñaki 'Uoho' Antón in December 2019 during the press conference in Madrid where they announced the farewell tour of Extremoduro.
Robe Iniesta and Iñaki ‘Uoho’ Antón in December 2019 during the press conference in Madrid where they announced the farewell tour of Extremoduro.samuel de roman / Getty Images

Within the nonsense that Extremoduro’s farewell tour has become, there is only one thing that is clear: the leader, Robe Iniesta, does not speak with the promoter, Live Nation, or with the other stable member of the group, the guitarist Iñaki. Uoho Anton. With the fourth cancellation underway and a dance of contradictory releases, the fan has been choked on the tour. The concert organizer issued a strange statement two days ago definitively announcing the cancellation (something everyone knew) of the tour that had to start in a few days. He also reported (and here how surreal) that he already had the places to develop it in 2022, “but we cannot announce the dates without Robe’s agreement.” That dirty laundry is washed at home is not something that is being applied in this matter. Today, the aforementioned responds. “They say in the promoting company and in some media that the Extremoduro tour is in my hands. Do not believe it, it is a lie ”, the artist’s writing begins, in case someone had not yet found out that the rule here is lack of communication.

More information

Next, Iniesta leaves a phrase of his own that perhaps he had thought for a song, because he deserves it: “For the religious, it is [la gira] in the hands of God, and for the atheists, in the hands of science ”. The girl with the statement arrives: “In the promoter company, Live Nation, they are obstinate in setting dates for 2022. I already conveyed my decision not to set new dates until I was sure of being able to carry them out. I cannot commit myself again while the pandemic lasts and trust, contrary to the opinion of many experts, that the Extremoduro tour will take place next year ”.

In other words, the tour “is not in the hands of Robe”, but of the experts in pandemics. Very logical. Later, Iniesta gets wet: “Many of you ask me what you should do with the tickets. I will give you my opinion. We are experiencing a world crisis that nobody knows how it will end, so I cannot encourage you to keep your tickets ”. According to data from the promoter, on the first day 10,000 tickets have been requested, of the 400,000 that have been sold.

“I don’t know what will happen with the economic crisis that this health crisis will undoubtedly bring, not even if the tour can finally be done. That is why I think the most sensible thing is that you take into account this period of 21 days that the promoter company has opened to request a refund of the money and, as I said, if when all this is over, the tour still makes any sense, it can be rescheduled and then you can buy the tickets again ”, insists the singer.

According to sources close to the band and the promoter, the matter is already in the hands of the lawyers: “There are some contracts signed and they must be fulfilled. If someone breaks them, there are compensation that must be paid ”.

The match

What is hidden behind this gibberish is the confrontation between Robe Iniesta and Iñaki Uoho. A week ago the singer published his third solo album, Maieutics, a continuation of the album Extremoduro, with Uoho, published in 2008, The innate law. Many followers wondered: if it is a Innate law 2, why not record it under the name Extremoduro and with Uoho? But no: Robe has registered it with the band that accompanied him in his two previous solo works, with the addition of a guitarist, Woody Amores, the substitute of Uoho. Of course, in the acknowledgments section of Maieutics, Iniesta thanks: “To Miguel Colino, Iñaki Uoho Antón, Félix Landa, JL Cantera and Aiert Erkoreka [los que grabaron La ley innata] for his contribution when this album was in the making ”.

Iniesta’s plan is now to focus on adapting a live show for Maieutics, something not very easy: it is about decibelic and rock songs that will have to be heard in theaters and everyone seated. “I can do nothing but get fully involved in the next Robe tour which, as I said, will start in the fall and will continue throughout the next year because, as the capacity will be limited, we will have to do many more concerts than on a tour. normal, ”he says.

As this farce starts to get interesting, now everyone is waiting for Uoho’s release.

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