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First issue of 'Action Comics' in which Superman appears.
First issue of ‘Action Comics’ in which Superman appears.REUTERS

Superman, the classic American comic book hero, hit newsstands for the first time in April 1938, within the story Action Comics n.1. Nobody suspected that this 13-page story written by Jerry Siegel and drawn by Joe Shuster was the starting point of a new genre, that of superheroes. That comic originally sold for 10 cents on the dollar. Yesterday Wednesday it was auctioned on the ComicConnect website for 3.2 million dollars, about 2.7 million euros.

The first page of Superman's debut comic explains the character's origin without naming Krypton.
The first page of Superman’s debut comic explains the character’s origin without naming Krypton.

It is estimated that there are only about 100 copies of the debut of the flying man, from an original strip of 200,000. It is the most valuable comic. It is by no means the first time that a madness has been generated with this number in an auction. In August 2014, an Ebay was sold a copy for more than three million euros. Three years earlier, actor Nicolas Cage set a record at the sell for almost two million this coveted specimen from his personal collection.

Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of ComicConnect, commented in a press release that this copy of Action Comics no. 1 It was found in a box full of movie magazines from the 1930s in “almost intact condition” and that this comic “really was something spectacular to see.”

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