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Teo Cardalda, characterized as Valle-Inclán in the music video for 'La rosa del reloj'.
Teo Cardalda, characterized as Valle-Inclán in the music video for ‘La rosa del reloj’.Eva Nilsen

The musician Teo Cardalda (Vigo, 58 years old) says that there is still Valle-Inclán to discover. That delicate task. A few years ago, the journalist Fernando Palmero recalled in The world the formidable appearance of Ramón María del Valle-Inclán in the trenches of the First World War, recounted in its day by Corpus Barga. Let’s try to visualize the scene of the playwright with his thick round glasses and his legendary beard: “He was wearing a cape, a beret, leggings and a maquila that was held by the wrist on a strap. Through the labyrinth of trenches he trudged, constantly stumbling single file. The lack of his arm made Valle-Inclán unable to lean against the left wall and he fell several times ”.

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What to do with such literary glory? A guy, creator of a devastating genre for this country – the grotesque -, of which each story is more absurd? Cardalda (Golpes Bajos, Cómplices) had it clear: he would go for his poems, turn them into music and make Valle-Inclán the lyricist of an album in which there is rock, pop, rap and even pastoral music: Lyric Keys (High Source).

“Valle is postmodernity. I would have enjoyed the Rock-Ola, and today I would be a tweeter who would have all God blocked, “says Cardalda on the phone. Just a few days ago, a user of that social network (@migblah) posted an extract of the play Romance of Wolves, in which a character from Valle says: “Who’s talking to me? Are you voices from the other world? Are you souls in pain, or are you sons of bitches? Radically current phrase.

It all started in Vilaxoán, a small town near Vilanova de Arousa, the birthplace of genius, where Cardalda used to spend the summer and where he met and made friends with Pancho Valle-Inclán, the writer’s grandson. He took Cardalda to visit the family home. There was his library, his famous glasses, personal effects that immersed the visitor in the peculiar atmosphere of the author of Divine Words, the Sonatas O Tyrant Flags.

The musician began to imagine an album with 10 poems by Lyric Keys, the volume where he gathered his poetic work: Scents of legend, The passenger Y La pipa de Kif. Many of them so current that they are scary. “Many of the things that were wrong are still wrong or worse,” says Teo Cardalda. “Along the flowered roads / the caravan of the helpless, / the blind, the lepers and the crippled goes. / They do not have a shelter in the cold night, / they do not have a bed in the daylight, / that is why they are children of Santa María, God’s poor. “It’s time for enigmas!”, Writes Valle and Cardalda sings in The rose of the clock, of which a video clip has been made in a dilapidated theater in Ubrique (Cádiz) and for which the musician characterized himself as Valle: “Don’t see what a feeling to wear a beard like that; it’s like putting on a superhero cape ”.

Valle holds it all, also an album with a vocation for rock opera. The first thing that surprised Cardalda was the ease with which he adapted it: “No verse had to be put in with a shoehorn”. This chronicle is written on a table in the Plaza de Méndez Núñez de Pontevedra, in front of the house of the Muruais, in whose library Valle read, who lived a few meters from here and from the church of San Bartolomé, where decades ago a priest Before the arrival of the first miniskirts to the city, she warned her parish thus: “I have already seen those short skirts around here. In this matter the archbishop and I have decided to get involved ”. Who speaks? Are they voices from the other world? Or is it Valle who continues to write us like his characters?

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