This is ‘Miss Marx’

Eleanor Marx, the youngest daughter of Karl Marx, she was passionate and brilliant. She fought to get out of the shadow of her father, she fought for women’s rights, bringing that claim closer to that of social activism born of socialism. Eleanor Marx’s biographer Rachel Holmes wrote: “Eleanor’s childhood intimacy with Marx while writing the first volume of Capital it provided him with a deep foundation in British economic, political and social history. ” He also wanted child labor to be abolished. After taking care of his sick parents and his nephew, he launched into an intense political life, which at first had the complicity of his partner, Edward Aveling, another socialist activist, whom he met at the age of 28 in 1883. It was a relationship unfortunate, tragic, that undermined Eleanor: her husband squandered the money of the Socialist Labor Party, and in 1898, at the age of 43, the thinker committed suicide after discovering that Aveling had secretly married a young actress.

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