‘Thunder Patrol’ or the superpowers of Melissa McCarthy | Culture

A decade ago Melissa McCarthy turned his supporting character into My best friend’s Wedding in a submarine capable of bursting the limelight with a comedy queen as Kristen Wiig. One of the gags (that of the CIA agent on the plane) in that hilarious film was played by her and Ben Falcone, her lifelong partner, father of her two daughters and an accomplice to date in paying off the brutal talent of the American comedian at the box office. Falcone, himself a comedian, and McCarthy have signed a long list of films tailored to an actress who lavishes little outside of comedy, but when she does (there is the great Can you ever forgive me?) shows the full extent of your talent.

The creative and sentimental tandem now deploys its gag shrapnel against a juicy target: the ubiquitous superhero movies. McCarthy and Octavia Spencer They are two old friends from school who meet years after high school to become guinea pigs for a treatment that will grant them the superpowers that Spencer’s company (who has reached a successful maturity at the head of her own laboratory) has been pursuing since she was a child. to avenge the death of their parents. Under the name of The Thunder Patrol, the two women decide to take to the streets of Chicago to finish off a group of criminals, Los Mal Hombres, led by a mercenary with crab legs.

In short, a crazy and absurd comedy about two old friends, two strangers from the schoolyard, who now, aged and kilos, are willing to put on a latex suit to distribute cakes and defend their city. An irregular succession of verbal and physical jokes that, yes, will delight his admirers and remind the rest of what the superpowers of this Hollywood star are about, who just to see her try to get into a Lamborghini is worth staying.

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